Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A new crop of hens

We had some causalities in the coop this winter. Long story short we are pretty sure we had a murderer in the coop, the black austerlop. This one was very aggressive and then other chickens kept dying (three in total) and the final straw was that Steve overheard a kerfuffle between two of them and then found one of them dead with peck marks on it. We are putting two and two together and linking the other deaths to the murderer. Some might say serial killer, bum bum bum. So we 'got rid' of the black chicken and gave it to our neighbor who does rogue taxidermy and makes stuff like this. Ummm yeah. She was thrilled to have it and is going to make a griffin out of it.

This left only one chicken, the barred rock and we have a permit for 5 so we got 4 new ones from a teen out in Lakeville from craigslist. No names for these ladies since we can't get attached to them. These beauties are all a bit exotic looking except for the Rhode Island Red (in the top picture). They all lay eggs that are some shade of brown.

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DMcH said...

Your neighbor’s website is one of the most fantastic things I have seen in recent time... so wrong... yet so right.