Monday, July 15, 2013

Of Beards And Men

Last September I took Harriet to the Minneapolis farmers market on a super chilly morning. We ate mini donuts and shopped.

I hadn't showered and I believe I was wearing some bright yellow plastic sunglasses I found in the car. As we passed a vendor booth a farmer said, "hey, nice beard. you should call this photographer." He then handed me a postcard with a phone number/email and a brief explanation about a local photographer putting together a project about beards. Of course upon returning home and telling Christina, who is always looking for a fun story/adventure, she had me reply.

Fast forward a few weeks and I was at Joseph Daniel Robert OLeary's home studio out in Forest Lake. He asked everyone he shot to bring a prop so I came with one of our hens for a photo shoot.

Harriet and Christina came with and Joe was nice enough to take a few shots of Harriet and me. He sent me this gem a couple months later.

After a long winter I got an email that the project was well over 100+ bearded men and I was needed for a reshoot because the artistic direction had changed as the scope of the project grew. The sampling of photos I saw of the other participants was awesome (and kind of humbling) so I knew it was worth the extra time. See for yourself at Joe's website for a sneak peak at his project. Unfortunately the bantam hen I took with last fall had not lived through the winter so I confirmed another chicken was okay and made another trip to the studio for new photos in April.

Joe started a Kickstarter campaign today to fund the publishing of the book that will include close to 150 beards. Christina and I just became "backers" of the project and (assuming the Kickstarter campaign is successful) we're excited to get the finished book in a few months. Please check out the OF BEARDS AND MEN campaign at Kickstarter.

The book will include the below photo along with a brief intro accompaniment.

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