Saturday, July 06, 2013

Fun Fourth

 We really enjoyed our packed July 4th this year. We started out the day watching the Edina parade with Harriet's buddy Lauren and her parents. The girls had a lot of fun together and seemed to love the parade. In general, this year's parade was much more enjoyable weatherwise, than last year.

In the afternoon we headed over to my mom's pool for a dip and then decided to go over to Wirth Park to the Eloise Bulter Wildfower Garden for a hike around. We just happened to show up when there was a tour from a naturalist so we got our own private hike with him. The hike also provided a good opportunity to try out my new camera lens.

 Possibly an elderberry flower? Nannyberry.
 Oyster mushrooms.
 A foxglove-ish type flower.

In the evening we got home and made a delicious dinner of roasted sweet corn and roasted turnip and swiss chard (from our CSA) with quinoa, topping it off with freezies on the front steps. A pretty great day had by all.


Jennifer said...

Hi Christina!
I think that elderberry flower might actually be a nannyberry (viburnum lentago, closely related to American Highbush Cranberry, viburnum trilobum). Here's a pic of mine, which also bloomed recently:

Elderberries are actually in fruit right now around Minneapolis, I've seen a few.

What do you think? I love Eloise Butler!

christina said...

You are totally right!

Jennifer said...

Well jeez, I don't know now! Is it possible that elderflowers and nannyberries look A LOT alike? This guy is a pretty reputable native plant enthusiast, and look at his elderflower picture.

christina said...

I know, very similar!