Friday, July 05, 2013

Duluth wedding weekend

Last weekend we headed up on Friday to Duluth for our friends Matt and Jessica's wedding. It was a chilly 55 degree up there on a late June day, but it felt refreshing to me. The wedding was at Clyde Ironworks, a former steel mill turned restaurant and event venue. We don't have the best picture of Matt and Jessica, but here they are with their very professional dance moves.

 Lots of kids seemed to enjoy all the leftover industrial things including this scale (note there is another kid playing on it in background of the next picture).

There was also this giant chess board that provided some entertainment.

 The next day we took a walk and got to see the lift bridge in action.

We also went to a rhubarb festival, met Rhubarbara and enjoyed a rhubarb lemonade. Steve attempted to get a rhubarb brat, but it was quite a popular item and the line was over 30 mins. So, pass. 

So instead we met some of our friends at Fitgers Brewery for a late lunch before we headed home.

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