Sunday, July 14, 2013


Friday marked Harriet's 3rd birthday. She was VERY excited for it and has been anticipating it for months. It seemed to live up to her expectations. She got to have cupcakes at daycare, Steve came to pick her up early and they went on a bike ride around the lakes and then to a couple parks and then a party with family and friends at night. 

I made her this Daniel Tiger cake, the character from her favorite (and only) show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS. She seemed rather unimpressed when I brought it out, but since then it is all she can talk about.

I cut her a piece, turned my head for one second and then this happened.

These balloons from Becky were a huge hit. She is still dragging those things around the house 3 days later....

Her friend Lauren came to the party and after Harrriet opened the present from Lauren they hugged for about 5 minutes. It was almost too long, awkward long.

We had a great day celebrating and then a packed weekend of tons of activities. Ahhhh summer....

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