Sunday, June 23, 2013

Solistice Storm

We got a one-two punch storm in Minneapolis Friday. Early morning storms only brought us rain, but a couple miles east near my work I saw trees down. Around 8pm we took shelter in the basement as more rain and winds passed over. Our immediate neighborhood was affected this time around.

Giant elm three doors down blocked the street. We inspected with the other curious neighbors just after the storm. Harriet was excited to be up past bedtime. 

I was not excited to see the mulberry from the neighbor's yard had snapped and was lying on our back roof. We lost power and had candles to light so we had little time to inspect further. 

The next morning I realized things could be far worse had we not paid to have the tree cabled a couple years back as the cabling (top left) is all that kept the tree from hitting the house with it's full force. I trimmed it back a bit. We decided to go get breakfast out to charge phones and avoid opening the fridge/freezer with the power still out. 500,000 metro homes lost power in total. 

Some neighborhood sights from the bike ride Harriet and I took Saturday morning after the power returned. 

Bryant Park

Harriet loved the different "smash cars" and kept asking to see the white Honda around the corner from us (first photo at the beginning from just after the storm Friday).

Lots of the trees were on the boulevards. 

Largest of four trees in Painter Park. So sad to see these hundred year old trees removed. 

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LAURA HOLT said...

So sad to see all the huge trees down, but glad you all are OK!