Saturday, June 08, 2013

Our epic walk

We took the train back from Connecticut since all six of us couldn't fit in the car and we found the train trip to be quite enjoyable. We ended up back at Central Station. About 1 block away from the station Harriet fell asleep in the stroller so we decided to just walk as long as she was sleeping and see a few things. We had no idea how long of a walk it would actually turn out to be!

 Walked past the public library.

 Up to Times Square.

 And then all the way down to Battery Park. All told it was about 10 miles of walking and she slept for most of it, which was fine with us.

Ships in the harbor with a glimpse of Lady Liberty.

Sunset looking over at New Jersey while we walked on a beautiful newish walkway along the water headed down to Battery Park (some might call it an Esplanade?). 

 Statue of Liberty in the distance.

Then finally back to Adam and Ari's for one last night. Harriet was happy to see two of her favorite people again and they put her to bed while Steve and I enjoyed dinner alone at hipsterific Pies 'n' Thighs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. All and all an awesome trip, we enjoyed seeing everyone and loved seeing all the sights.

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