Friday, June 21, 2013

New book, new reversibles

The author of Itty Bitty Toys has come out for a new book called Topsy Turvy Inside-out Knit Toys and I ran out and got it the moment it was released. I have finally started working on some of the projects. I love this little rabbit with the carrot that turns into a lamb.

 The inside, a little smiley lamb.

My favorite feature of this toy is the haunches. A nice touch.

Another project from the book is these weird things she calls Happy Mouse/Sad Mouse. They were quick to make and you just flip them from front to back for the different expressions. It would be fun to make these in all different colors with a little leftover yarn from project since they don't require much.

 I ran out of room for the mouth on the red guy, but he still looks sad.

Also I made this teeny tiny piggie for baby Mae and plan on making her a few more for her collection. These are supposed to be sewn onto a reversible blanket (pigs in a blanket), but that just seemed silly and they are more fun on their own. I love the wee ears and tail.

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