Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jenny Lind Bed Makeover

We had been looking for a while for a Jenny Lind bed for Harriet. Steve finally found two of them on craigslist for $25 each and both had side rails so we snapped them up right away. What a steal! I have seen this one at Land of Nod for $550.

One bed frame is in fine shape (intended for the new baby in, say, three years) and can be left as is with its dark wood, but this one here, not so much. The stain was very worn and, in general, it was in rough shape, yet structurally very sturdy. 

The name of the bed comes from Jenny Lind who was a Swedish opera singer who was nicknamed the Swedish Nightingale. She extremely popular in the 19th century and while on a tour in America, legend has it, that she slept in a bed with this turned-wood style.
A before of it all put together in the driveway.

A close up of the rough shape this was in.

I used a liquid sander and then primed it with spray primer. It seemed too labor intensive to paint it by hand with all the crevasses. I had to do many coats to cover over the dark wood and then it only accentuated all the flaws like the seams (above). So then I meticulously filled in all the seams with white wood fill. You can't really even see them now. After that I spray painted the frame with white satin spray paint. I did maybe 4 coats of that to make sure I covered everything.

I'm happy with the final results! The frame has come a long way. We got bed support slats and a mattress at Ikea and the bed was finished. Harriet picked out her polka dot bed sheets and seems thrilled with the whole thing. Transition into the new bed has been a tad difficult, but it's only been a week.

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