Friday, June 07, 2013

Connecticut Country weekend

We spend the second half of our week vacation in Connecticut with our friends Louise, John and their almost one-year old daughter Mae. Steve and I have been dying to see their country home after hearing about all the renovations they have been making and reading about it on their blog. The home (circa the late 1700s) was in disrepair when they purchased it 3 years ago. They have been renovating it room by room and still have a bit left to finish – it is a lot to tackle. They have done a wonderful job of making it a home for a modern family, but also keeping all the charm of an old house. They live in Brooklyn during the week and then spend as many weekends during the year here as they can. It was about a two-hour drive from their apartment.  

The weather was not so cooperative the first two days we were there and it raining heavily, but we had no complaints since we spent the days playing with the kids, reading, chatting, baking, preparing meals together (something none of us have time to do when we all work full time) and resting up. Mae and Harriet played well today although Mae seemed much more interested in her older friend than Harriet was in her younger one. Not a surprise there.

John, Louise and Mae. Louise is in the beginning stages of planting a meadow in the front yard. It will look beautiful as all the other grounds when it is done, I'm sure.

 Harriet watching the ipad in the study while keeping the beaver company. They had a pesky family of beavers in their pond when they first moved in. They had this one stuffed and it is a hilarious and fitting addition to the room.

Taking a walk over to the pond (the beaver's former home), you can see the house in the background. This picture is perhaps a glimmer into the future for us. Two kids in tow.

 All around the property there are these wading stone walls with stones artfully placed.

A shot of the back of the house with a view of the raised bed garden and a beautiful blue sky. Quite picturesque. Too bad every day of the weekend didn't look like this. We headed back to Brooklyn on Monday, the nicest weather day of the weekend

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Louise said...

We had such a great time with you all! Piglet misses her older BF Harriet -- hope to see you 3, er 4 (!) soon.