Thursday, May 30, 2013

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Last week we headed to New York and then Connecticut to visit Steve's brother Adam, his girlfriend Ari and our friends John and Louise. We had a great trip and I will break it up into a bunch of posts since there are a lot of pictures.

The first day we arrived it was about a zillion degrees and super humid, but we wanted to make the most of our visit so we headed to the botanical garden. I wasn't able to see it on previous visits to NY so I was excited to finally make it there. It was beautiful with all the spring flowers still in bloom (although sadly we just missed the cherry blossoms). 

 Swinging underneath the wisteria.

 Looking a little hot.
I am very curious to know the name of this flower, it was beautiful as a meadow.

It's no twig house, but a pretty cool interactive sculpture for kids to play on. Entitled Tree House, it was made with felled trees from Hurricane Sandy.

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