Sunday, February 03, 2013

Curtain Cover up

We have a bit of a storage problem in our house since the majority of the basement is finished so we needed a creative solution to hide some of it. Pre-slide we had kind of just been keeping it all on make-shift shelves and crates. We don't have the best before picture, as usual, so here is one during the slide installation. Likely looks to be at its messiest down there.
Steve got these metal shelves online and we are ready to organize, but we needed a way to cover it all.
Our friend Raymond picked up two pieces of extra long metal tubing in his truck. One was a tad bit smaller and we put it inside the bigger one for stability since we worried such a long piece of metal with curtains hanging off of it might bow. Then we used closet brackets to hold it up. Very inexpensive.

I got the striped fabric at Ikea and the grommets at the crafty planet and I made 2 curtain panels at my quilting retreat. The grommets were super easy because the manufacturer gives you a template to cut the holes an then you just snap on the rings. Although I had measured correctly, the way they hang with the grommets made it so I needed a third panel. And there you have it, all our camping stuff, childhood memorabilia and old baby stuff is now nicely concealed.

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