Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Warp & Weft

This past weekend Kristen and I took a Saori weaving class at the Weavers Guild of MN in the Textile Center. The class was 5 hours and it didn't seem like long enough. As with most classes that we take, we are now obsessed with it! It is a contemporary type of weaving founded in the late 60s in Japan. Basically weaving for hippies with a free expression, no rules, nothing-is-a-mistake attitude. This way of working was a bit hard for me to embrace since I like everything to be as close to perfect as I can make it, but eventually I just went with it. The nice thing about this type of weaving that everyone young, old, disabled or not can all enjoy it, it's very easy.

A close up of the beginning of my scarf. I brought a bunch of leftover yarn and scraps and it was fun to incorporate it into my scarf and also nice to get rid of it. I also added some of the cotton yarn (like what is shown) and wool roving and some spun milk that a classmate gave me. It is nuts/awesome.

The group of weavers. It was interesting to see the variety of work that came from the class. A lot of people made wall hangings. Perhaps it is the Scandinavian in me, but  I like to make things that are functional.

A section of Kristen's weaving. She mixed two yarns in a single row.

My colorful scarf, I love it! It is 9 feet long and I could have kept going, but the warp (string that goes vertically) ran out.

A close up.

Ready for wearing.

I had a little extra time at the end so I whipped out this toddler-sized scarf in about 20 minutes. As with everything I make her, Harriet doesn't want to wear it. When will I learn...


Travis Smith said...

Travis' birthday is Monday! Just kidding! Love the scarves!!
Sarah (too lazy to change ID's)

Becca said...

Love it! Looks fitting for any season, too.