Friday, December 28, 2012

Hide & Seek holiday card

Our holiday card this year was just silliness. Steve came up with the idea and our inspiration was a scene in E.T. Some of you might be somewhat appalled by the number of stuffed animals in this picture, but rest assured, over half of them are mine or Steve's from childhood (note the carebears, lotsa lotsa legs,  ultimate warrior, etc.).

The back.

A little behind the scenes shot here. So we did two 'photo shoots' to get this right.  It was a little hard to art direct this while being a part of it. The first take was done by our neighbor and the second taken by our friend Elissa with art direction from Lucia (upper right). You can see a little bit of Lucia in our actual card in the upper left. An easter egg, if you will. Anyways, so Elissa stood on a ladder and then we were all lying on the bed in the guest bedroom. It was hard to get the lighting right so I did a bit of work in photoshop to lighten our faces. And there you have it.


laehmc said...

fabulous to see how this was smiles are great...especially my beloved harriet's!!

Laura said...

love the behind the scenes! I thought the entire thing was photoshopped!! Nice job!

Becca said...

How on earth did you get Harriet to lie so still for that long?! The behind the scenes makes me love the photo even more. You guys are brilliantly fun.