Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend Away

Weekend before last, five good friends and I went up to Ginny's family cottage. We had a wonderful time relaxing, chatting, watching movies, knitting (some of us), reading and also we went to the Glensheen Mansion.

I have always wanted to go and 4 out of the 6 of us had never been and the other two had gone a long time ago. We all loved every second of it. The mansion was exquisitely decorated and built to withstand just about anything since it was constructed with steel beams and a concrete floor underneath all the hardwood.  My favorite parts of the rooms were all the interesting and unique light fixtures, many of which were custom made. You can only go in with a tour guide and you can't take any pictures, unfortunately. A silly tidbit from the tour was that the second floor living quarters only had 1 shower (even though the parents and 3 daughters all lived on this floor), but women were thought to be too fragile and delicate to shower because the water pressure might bruise them so they all had to take baths and the shower was just for the man of the house.

Stephanie, Ginny, Erin, Me, Kristen and Kelsey at the mansion all bundled up for the chilly weather.

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laehmc said...

thank you for the peek into this neat time you all had!