Sunday, November 04, 2012


So I am kind of breaking up the posts about the 3rd floor because if it were all in one big post it might be a tad much. The room is kind of broken up into three main areas: sewing, cutting and the office. This is the area I spend the most time in doing all my sewing. For the past four years I have been staring at the ugly popcorn on the walls and the joint tape separating from the wall. Clearly not a tragedy, but annoying and super ugly.

I started scraping one of dormers months and months ago, then it took me a while to mud it and then prime it. Then I stopped for a while, months later I got a bee in my bonnet and tried to convince Steve to help me. He wasn't interested in this idea so we hired a guy to do it instead. That was a smart move. After the scraping was completed, we primed everything and painted it all and have been reorganizing all the stuff and putting together the office. After that we tackled the sewing area.

This picture was taken in the winter of 2011. Stuff was all over the place with nowhere to go (and no time to organize it), but it functioned fine.

This is what it looked like after we organized everything (and I painted the chair). The scissors on the wall is our awesome find at the Detroit Lakes flea market that I mentioned in an earlier post. The desk is Steve's from college and, although not cute, worked fine with the oil-cloth door on top for more desktop space. We were going to leave it just like this until.... we found this desk in the trash in the alley:
This before picture actually makes it look nicer than it was, it had a lot of chipped paint and scratches all over the drawers. I really like the shape of it and also that it has a lot more storage with the three more drawers than the other desk.

I spray painted it all white (although in hindsight maybe I should have stripped and sanded the drawers on the left) and then used the same knobs, but spray painted them oil rubbed bronze (yes, I know, just like YHL). Something had to be done since someone has done a bad paint job on the wooden dowels on them before. I didn't want to spend any money getting new ones since they had a simple shape. It worked just fine.

This little sewing cabinet used to be my great grandma's and is still very functional. It appears to have been built by an amateur woodworker though, and isn't of the highest quality. Still cute though, but the stain was looking bad and a lot of nail holes need some filling. I know, I know, we watch Antiques Roadshow, I likely ruined any value of this heirloom piece by painting it, but I highly doubt it was worth anything.

Now white and with new handles that match the handles on the desk that is next to it.

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You guys never cease to amaze me about so many, many things.