Friday, November 30, 2012

3rd Floor wrap up

I have no doubt that the majority of your are sick of looking at updates of this room, but a few people have asked for the last of the pictures, so here we go. In the cutting area, we put up a shelf from Ikea to house all of the buttons and scissors and things that cluttered up the tabletop before, but is stuff I use on a regular basis. I like the new open tabletop, which makes it much easier to cut larger pieces of fabric.

A before shot of this area.

After, picture taken in October, hence the pumpkin.

The other dormer before.

Now we brought up this chair for lounging since it was going unused after we took it out of the family room a year ago. Still have the same cool art that my friend Elissa made me for being in her wedding, almost 10 years ago. After all the moves I have made in the past ten years I am surprised they are still in tack. A bit hard to see in these photos though.

Obviously this is a picture from the listing before we bought it. A blank, popcorned slate.

Now, a new light fixture and a brighter, more cohesive. 

(Despite this post saying that Steve wrote it, perhaps you could tell, he did not.)

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