Friday, October 26, 2012

 Chain necklaces

I made some of these this summer but forgot to post about them. The above necklace I found at a vintage store and used to be the heart choker below, but i liked the repeating lace form so I took off the charm and added a chain to it for length. Much better.

This one I have already given away to a friend. I took another enameling class this summer and make the circle on the necklace. I know bought all the supplies I need for enameling so I don't have to take a class ever again.  I love enameling.

It's hard to find a cute yellow necklace. My mom got me the beads from a sale at my favorite bead store that went out of business in Northfield. I like how the beads all nestle together to make an interesting design.

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laehmc said...

i would love to wear one...hint hnt!