Wednesday, October 31, 2012

 A clucky Halloween

This costume got a lot of mileage this year and may continue to get more use around the house. My mom got it before Harriet was born at a garage sale and it finally fits. It was a big hit! There was a lot of excitement around the house about Halloween this year; the night finally arrived:
 Our sweet next door neighbor "Mrs. B" had some special treats set aside for Harriet when she arrived, three honey crisp apples (no razor blades in there, not to worry).

This weekend we had a bunch of fun Halloween festivities. This was one at Ginny's parent's house with her best buddy Lauren. The highlight of the night was the spook pond where they put up a blanket and threw a fishing pole over and got little toys.

We have been doing a lot of practicing and, despite my stammering, this video is pretty cute. As Steve and I kind of predicted, Harriet got super shy when we went up to everyone's doors tonight and we had to coax her a bit.

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Sarah said...

Fantastic costumes