Sunday, October 07, 2012

Craft room/new office sneak peak

We have been busy lately, as usual, I guess. We have been redoing the 3rd floor craft room and making it into an office too, not just a craft room. The space is rather bizarre, as 3rd floors in 112 year old houses tend to be. It's rather hard to photograph given the, often, strange lighting, so hopefully the ones in the next post will be better.

When Steve first showed me this desk from craigslist I didn't even hesitate to say, no it was the ugliest desk ever. I think we can all agree, but he sweet talked me into agreeing to it by complimenting me on my creativity. Apparently, this was the perfect size for the weird space and it was only $30. I did a little research and found out that there is laminate countertop paint so there we had it – problem solved. I would paint it white like the legs. For anyone who is thinking of doing this, it is very smelly. It looks pretty good though, but I think I did too many coats (five) at one time and now it if you put anything down on the top for any period of time it will make an indention. Great. Maybe, with time, it will cure. 

After. I'm mind of convinced that white wasn't an actual color of the countertop paint, but just the paint that is then mixed with a colorant (hence why it stay base tint on the can). Seemed to work ok though. 

We needed a makeshift chair until we can find a more suitable office chair. This has been up in the rafters in our garage for a few years and we got it from some neighbors who were throwing it out. 

After. Spray painted and recovered. It will do for now.  

 One of the only pieces of furniture in this room that we actually purchased new from a store. Problem being that it claimed to be white, but it was really a cream and didn't match the now white desk.

After. So I spray painted it turquoise (well technically, Rustoleum Lagoon) to add a little color to the area. I like it. 

While Steve was dismantling the ugly desk at this weird thrift store in Burnsville, I saw this dresser thing in a back room. It was $15 and so I went back and picked it up another day. 

 After. Spray painted it the same color as the metal cabinet and added some wheels to lift it off the ground a bit and add some height so there would be less of a gap between the desk top. Also I like how it makes it look less like a dresser and more like some industrious. Reused the knobs although I might switch them, I'm on the fence.

A little paper organizer thing. I got it at a thrift store a long time ago. It's kind of an optical illusion since it is actually plastic, not wood. 

After. I primed this with spray primer and then had to wait a week for it to cure since it was plastic. Seemed to work out just fine.

This is how the same area used to look. Don't judge. The beauty of this room is that you can close the door and not look at everything for months at times. As you can see, the popcorn is on all the white areas, it's a lot of popcorn to contend with. More on that later...

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