Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We have been composting for years. We are so devoted to it that when we moved from our old house to my dad's house (before buying this current house) we moved the compost bin too. In hindsight that was just ridiculous, but just proves our dedication (we left that composter at my dad's house). Given all the waste we have from the chicken coop, composting is the only thing that makes sense for us. Basically we give the chickens our kitchen scraps, they break it down for us, we take their straw and manure to the bins for composting and then we put that finished compost in our veggie garden. A cycle.

We have been using these blue barrels for the past 4 years and they don't work very well in practice. Originally we had bungee cords on top and then we were going to roll them down the alley to mix them. Some scraper immediately stole the bungee cords and then we have been mixing them with a pitch fork. The picture below, from a while back, illustrates how cumbersome this process is and these bins are heavy!

Not fun and also grueling work. Life on the urban farm is hard sometimes.

Welcome our new composter! It looks like something out of the dharma initiative on Lost. A coworker didn't want it anymore and so we went out to Rosemount to get this beast. The barrel (drum?) is 3 ft x 3 ft. and was a chore to cram into our friend's giant Tahoe. It's awesome though and can fit an immense amount of stuff! It has a handle to turn the barrel and I've noticed that it breaks down everything far quicker than the blue bins. It is now far easier to retrieve the compost when it is finished. It fits perfectly between the two garages. Let's hope we don't have much snow this winter because now we have no where to put it.


Anonymous said...

NICE! I've always wanted one of those, perhaps as a third stage of a 3-stage bin. Is that really big enough to handle everything!?

christina said...

Well we still have the other 4 blue bins to store yet to be composted stuff and also finished compost. The thing is super huge though also very easy to turn, surprisingly, given all the weight in it.