Sunday, October 28, 2012

Clockwise from left: Snap, Crackle, Morton Salt Girl, Pop,  Gorton's Fish guy, Kebbler elf, Betty Crocker, Land O Lakes Girl, Green Giant, Greek Yogurt Goddess and Kool aid man.

Packaged food icon Halloween

This year was the last hurrah (we think). Our friend Matt has been hosting a party for 10 years and after this year is calling it quits, a good run. We went out with a bang, bringing a robust group to the party. To make it even more fun we all brought our products to give out to everyone. The fudge striped cookies, rice krispie treats and cupcakes were really a hit. No fish sticks though, seemed like it might be weird to turn on Matt's oven. 

Kool aid with his mask on. He was really the hit of the party in his blow up suit.

Quite possibly the easiest costume. Kool aid man lent Steve this yellow slicker and pants outfit and I attached a logo to cover up the Columbia logo on the jacket. done.

Snap, Crackle, Pop with their cereal purses filled with rice krispie treats.

Matt as a keg of beer with the original group of attendees, plus a photo bomb by Steve and batman.

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Midwestgirl said...

I love seeing your yearly Halloween photos! So creative! Don't let it be the last hurrah! Just turn it family orientated, and start a new generation of creative costumes!!