Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day weekend

This weekend we made our annual trip up to Detriot Lakes to Fair Hills.  We had a wonderful time as usual, spent time with family, friends Dan and Heidi, enjoyed the outdoors and Steve and I both won at bingo, a success all around! The weekend in pictures:
Harriet and my dad in Pelican Rapids at the big pelican.
Open shutter of the full moon (a boat happened to be crossing as the picture was taken). This also happened to be a blue moon, happens once every 2-3 years.

Boat ride on Pelican Lake. My dad, Kate, Linda, Ben, Keith, and you know the rest.

A lot of pool time for these two. Harriet loved being able to swim on her own with her 'circle', as she called it.

Row boat ride. 

Taken by Ben. Harriet couldn't have been happier at the playground!

A trip to the 'golf ball lady', a 89 yr old who goes on a 3-mile walk every day and collects missing golf balls and then resells them for 50¢ to $1. She said she gets about 2000 a summer. 

On our trip home we went to the Detriot Lakes Flea market, but perhaps I will leave you in suspense as to what we purchased. Will do a post another time about this very silly item.

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