Sunday, August 26, 2012

Side table redo

We got this side table in the spring at the Bryn Mawr garage sales for $3. I saw past the crazy 3D animal stickers and liked the shape of it. Also since we got a new bed a few years ago, there is very little room on Steve's side so we needed something that wasn't too wide. This is perfect.  

After prying off all the stickers, destickifying (yes, I just made that up) and sanding it down, I realized it probably wasn't great candidate for staining because it had some unsightly stains on the top that would just be accentuated. So I primed and painted it with a billion coats. I wanted it to have a bit of subtle color so I used some leftover paint from the kitchen. The drawer doesn't pull out super smoothly, despite much sanding, so we got a little snail knob on sale at Anthopologie and we are done. I love it.