Monday, August 13, 2012

Indigo Dyeing  

A couple weeks ago I joined a few neighbors and had a lot of fun learning how to dye with indigo. We were all kind of learning together although a couple people had done a test run a week prior.  It is a bit different than just tie dyeing or used a boxed dye, the indigo had to be cultivated for a few days  and kept over 100 degrees. Also as we did more dyeing and the indigo became more oxidized and thus became unusable. More on indigo dyeing here. I had mixed success with my pieces, but had I had more time (we did it for 3 hours) I could have redipped a few of my pieces more. Oh well, a fun time was had by all.
One of two vats of dye. I am dipping the short sleeve onesie here.

One technique to make designs – this one made the cloth on the right below.  I used little rubber bands and tiny glass balls/marbles. You can only use natural fibers for this so everything is cotton here.

 I kind of hoped to make napkins out of 4 of these. Perhaps with the use of a serger my neigbor has I could whip these right out. The middle one above is probably the ugliest, but oh well, trial and error.

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