Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 Dwinny Wedding

The main event. Ginny and I first went to Vancouver together three years ago after the Alaskan cruise with her family. Little did I know I would be returning so soon with the exact same people! Ginny and Dwight chose Vancouver for their wedding because they love the city and first came here together for the winter Olympics in 2010. They thought it would be a great place for their wedding and it was indeed. The wedding at at Grouse Mountain and about 50 or so people traveled to be there for it. It couldn't have been better! Erin and I shared the title of Matron of honor. Matron sounds so old ladyish.

Bridesmaids. From left me, Ginny, Emily, Nonnie (Natalie), Hilary, Greta and Erin. Friends and nieces of Ginny.

Pictures were taken at the Olympic park. I liked this bird sculpture.

Wedding pictures on the bridge. The round building in the background is some sort of Science museum. Very EPCOT-y.

A cute picture of Ginny on the gondola going up to Grouse Mountain for the wedding. 


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Gin said...

yay!!!!! thanks teens! Love all the pics:)