Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Swedish Institute

Last weekend we went to the Swedish Institute grand opening of the new Nelson Cultural Center. It was a hot day, but we decided to head over in the afternoon after going to the zoo in the morning. One key picture we forgot to take was of the actual addition, but I guess you can see it here. I thought it was nicely done with many thoughtful details like a leather wrapped railing and this goat on the greenroof. It was open and modern.

Our first stop was the area to make floral wreaths like the swedes make for their midsummer celebrations. It is made out of twine, 6 bigger flowers, a bunch of smaller fillers flowers, some greens, 2 ribbons and some gren wire to wrap it all together. It was a little harder than you might think... or than I thought. I made this for Harriet and she wore it for all of about 2 mins. We snapped a couples pictures and then it was over. I resized it so I could wear it (after all that work).

We ate ice cream, pancakes and fruit and meatballs while listening to live music as well as enjoying some of the other activities. They had a bunch of kids' activities like storytime with a pregnant fairy and other interactive things like this ribbon weaving. Harriet took a little bit of a different approach than the others did as you can see. 

A beautiful, fiber art wall hanging in the new building. It is hard to tell the scale of this, but it is maybe 2 stories high.

Steve took this cool picture at the zoo in the butterfly garden. 

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laehmc said...

i almost weeped with joy seeing these love photo's and especially lovely Harriet!