Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 Dwinny Wedding

The main event. Ginny and I first went to Vancouver together three years ago after the Alaskan cruise with her family. Little did I know I would be returning so soon with the exact same people! Ginny and Dwight chose Vancouver for their wedding because they love the city and first came here together for the winter Olympics in 2010. They thought it would be a great place for their wedding and it was indeed. The wedding at at Grouse Mountain and about 50 or so people traveled to be there for it. It couldn't have been better! Erin and I shared the title of Matron of honor. Matron sounds so old ladyish.

Bridesmaids. From left me, Ginny, Emily, Nonnie (Natalie), Hilary, Greta and Erin. Friends and nieces of Ginny.

Pictures were taken at the Olympic park. I liked this bird sculpture.

Wedding pictures on the bridge. The round building in the background is some sort of Science museum. Very EPCOT-y.

A cute picture of Ginny on the gondola going up to Grouse Mountain for the wedding. 


Saturday, July 28, 2012


Christina and I flew to Seattle last week, rented a car (with our friends Erin and Aaron) and immediately drove three hours to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for our friends Ginny and Dwight's wedding. We stopped in Bellingham, WA for lunch at a brewery on the drive up.

Soon after arriving at our hotel in downtown Vancouver (a stones throw from the BC Center pictured above) we drove to Grouse Mountain so Christina and Erin could meet Ginny to rehearse for the wedding scheduled for the next day. With some time to burn, Aaron and I drove a few minutes away and hiked near the North Vancouver reservoir at Capilano River Park and Cleveland Dam. Very picturesque. 

After the rehearsal we took the girls back to the park for a quick photo (above, left to right: Christina, Erin, Emily) then joined the rest Ginny and Dwight's friends and family in town for the wedding at the Vancouver Canadians minor league baseball game. Fun idea for a rehearsal dinner!

Friday, while the girls got ready and took pictures, Aaron and I used bikes from the hotel. We went through downtown and around the edge of Stanley Park. Soon after it was time to catch the shuttle to the wedding at Grouse Mountain. Wedding was wonderful, albeit very foggy. More about all that in a separate post.

Saturday we all got out on the town. In the morning we walked around Granville Island. A huge market with restaurants, art galleries and a marina. It was fun to have a bunch of friends along on the trip to do things with.
In the afternoon Christina, Kristen and I biked to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese GardenWe took a tour and learned so much. Not just about the the first authentic garden of it's kind out of China, but also about 15th Century Chinese culture. We walked around the adjoining public park and some of Chinatown before we biked through Gastown and stopped for donuts at the Canadian equivalent of Dunkin' Donuts, Tim Hortons. In the evening we walked a couple miles down the busy shopping/restaurant district on Robson Street. Later we had a fun sushi dinner.

Before leaving Canada on Sunday we walked around the VanDusen Botanical Garden. It was really beautiful. The welcome center appeared brand new and very modern. It was a great way to leave the wonderful city of Vancouver. The Elizabethan hedge maze was a lot of fun to go through! Monkey puzzle tree close up below.

Our friends Erin and Aaron had a flight out of Seattle Sunday evening so we went back to the USA.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

 A couple sewing projects

I have a bunch of craft projects I have yet to post, but here is one at least. Steve got me a kindle for my birthday so I made it a little felt case. It fits nicely in there and I just used some scraps I had in my felt bin. Found the idea here. Extremely easy, took maybe 15 mins or less. The colors of it are much brighter in person, but you get the idea.

A couple weeks ago I decided to do a, self imposed, 6 skirts in six days project. Why not seven you ask? Well I only had 6 zippers. All are the same pattern, which is very basic so I am now able to whip them out. I'm excited to have some new skirts to add to the, well, dozens I already have.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two year old

We recreated my two year old picture with Harriet this weekend. She was more than cooperative after we bribed her with the song hickory dickory dock on repeat as well as one M&M and a few fruit snacks. The one below is kind of redundant, but thought it was just kind of silly. The dress has really held up well after all these years. Could definitely last another 31 years!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today Harriet is two! We could not ask for a sweeter girl. Lately she is talking a ton (although we seem to be the only ones to understand her), loves music,  is asserting her independence and is eager to explore everything.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Swedish Institute

Last weekend we went to the Swedish Institute grand opening of the new Nelson Cultural Center. It was a hot day, but we decided to head over in the afternoon after going to the zoo in the morning. One key picture we forgot to take was of the actual addition, but I guess you can see it here. I thought it was nicely done with many thoughtful details like a leather wrapped railing and this goat on the greenroof. It was open and modern.

Our first stop was the area to make floral wreaths like the swedes make for their midsummer celebrations. It is made out of twine, 6 bigger flowers, a bunch of smaller fillers flowers, some greens, 2 ribbons and some gren wire to wrap it all together. It was a little harder than you might think... or than I thought. I made this for Harriet and she wore it for all of about 2 mins. We snapped a couples pictures and then it was over. I resized it so I could wear it (after all that work).

We ate ice cream, pancakes and fruit and meatballs while listening to live music as well as enjoying some of the other activities. They had a bunch of kids' activities like storytime with a pregnant fairy and other interactive things like this ribbon weaving. Harriet took a little bit of a different approach than the others did as you can see. 

A beautiful, fiber art wall hanging in the new building. It is hard to tell the scale of this, but it is maybe 2 stories high.

Steve took this cool picture at the zoo in the butterfly garden. 
Our photo taken at the MPLS Bicycle Coalition sponsored Open Streets photo booth last month is finally available. One little rider didn't feel like smiling.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Link of the Month
Buzzfeed is pretty popular. It's basically a collection of anything trending on the internet. Funny thing is that it's basically the stuff out of touch folks post on Twitter, Facebook, or via email forwards a couple months/years later.