Sunday, June 24, 2012

Refinishing furniture (part 1 of many)

A few weeks ago I took my birthday off and relaxed. Just kidding. I refinished all this furniture. I spent the (hot!) day sanding, priming and starting to paint a few of these things. I still have to finish a lot of it, but I did complete Harriet's table and chairs. My mom picked this up used when Harriet was born and I have just gotten around to refinishing them now.

I spray painted it a suuuper, bright yellow and then painted the top in a pinwheel pattern. Here are the results. I'm sure I will be repainting the top in a few years after it gets drawn and painted on accidentally.


Laura said...

How fun! I'm sure bebe will love it!

Sarah said...

Christina, you are AMAZING!!! LOVE. IT.