Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding season continues...

A couple weeks back I attended a wedding for my friends Sean and Chrissy. It was held in her hometown of Marshalltown, Iowa. Christina and Harriet stayed behind, so I drove down with my friend Ian. Not much to report on Iowa itself, but the wedding was a good time and I was happy to catch up with people, including some old college friends.

The following weekend Christina had a bachelorette party out of town. It was the fourth time her group of friends held a celebration at the Grand View Resort in Nisswa, MN. I kept Harriet busy with a Saturday morning trip to the SeaLife Aquarium at the Mall of America. Despite Harriet's insistence for the rest of the day that she "likes fishies and turtles", she was kind of scared of the giant fish, sharks, and jelly fish. Above is her clinging to me for dear life. On Sunday we visited the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul. Lots to explore here. I can see her enjoying this museum more as she gets older and when it is less crowded.

This weekend we attended a wedding at Bethel University for Christina's cousin, Alison to Seth (he has the hat on in the middle of the above photo comprising of a majority of Christina's dad's side of the family). Harriet and I missed the, reportedly lively, ceremony due to nap time. When we arrived for dinner Harriet was all giggles for the rest of the day and there were tons of other kids there to play with. She was very enthusiastic about dancing and cake! Check out these moves...

On the dance floor with Christina.

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