Saturday, May 05, 2012

Saying I do in Ireland

My older brother Dave got married on a beautiful Saturday in Waterville, Ireland. The ceremony, dinner, and reception were held at the Butler Arms Hotel. The ceremony was quick and the different readings Dave and Lisa selected for the siblings to read were well received.

Dave, Lisa and Lisa's older sister Julie listening to the heartfelt father of the bride speech.

The dinner was not quick. In fact I think it clocked in at over three hours. The menu was divine. I also enjoyed all three desserts I had at different points.

Christina and I had a wonderful time. Lisa's family were great hosts and perfect company the entire visit. Above are Lisa's twin younger sisters Amy and Denise and my little brother Adam. We had so much fun getting to know all of Lisa's family!

Dave and Lisa married "officially" on Wednesday in Cork.

In attendance (front to back):  Lisa's sister Julie, Lisa, Dave, my dad Tom, Lisa's dad Denis and mother Rose, my mother Laeh, Lisa's sisters Amy and Denise, Christina, Amy's fiance Eoin, my brother Adam, and yours truly.

This wasn't the officiant's first rodeo. He was proficient with at least 7 different cameras.

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