Sunday, April 29, 2012

Amsterdam in 12 hours

Christina and I went to Ireland for my older brother Dave's wedding. The flight from Minneapolis to Ireland had one stop in Amsterdam, Holland each way. On the trip to Ireland we decided to select the earliest flight in and latest flight out so we could have a day in the city. We left Minneapolis at 4 p.m. Monday and arrived 8 hours later in Amsterdam; local time 6 a.m. Tuesday. After customs we decided to take a train to the city center. 

Street cars, buses, cars, motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians sharing the streets. And then they have canals everywhere.

The architecture was great. You get a good feeling for what it looked like a century ago and yet the new modern touches fit in seamlessly.

We walked somewhat aimlessly for a few hours as nothing really opened until after 10 a.m. The lack of sleep combined with walking and cold/rainy weather started to take its toll. But we managed to cover a good amount of the city. We both decided renting bikes may not be the safest idea in our state. Needless to say, I was amazed by the bicycle culture. 

After lunch we took a bus past the airport to Keukenhof; the Netherlands premier tulip park. The rain picked up, but the beautiful colors were everything we had hoped for.

Wooden clog planters.

Tulips, Tulips everywhere We kind of lucked out with the timing of the trip because it was just the beginning of tulip season.

Too big?

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