Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RIP Methuselah

This past weekend we discovered my turtle, Methuselah, dead in his tupperware dish of water. I can't help but blame myself a little bit because maybe with the unseasonably warm spring weather, he came out of hibernation earlier than usual (mid-April). His routine was to hibernation for about 7 months out of the year.

At around 21-22 years old, I'd say he lived a good life. I got him around 11 years ago from (bear with me) my friend Kristen's former co-worker's daughter, who had had him for 10 years and was leaving for college. He arrived with the name Max, but I quickly renamed him. I've always kind of thought it was a little weird for me, an adult, to own him, but I was happy to give him a home. He will be missed for his gentle, quiet presence and also entertainment value to Harriet. She just keeps repeating "Turtle go bye-bye" all day long. Clearly Meth left an impression on everyone he met.

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laehmc said...

thinking of you and all at this sad time. may you find a new "lovey" soon!