Monday, March 05, 2012

Paint ambivalence

A few weeks ago we painted the family room, kitchen and foyer. It was a tough decision choosing colors. We made numerous trips to home depot and bought 16 samples jars before committing to the colors. I painted these swatches and we debated them for weeks. We finally settled on what you see below. I know this seems kind of silly, but we are not painting these walls again anytime soon.

Here is a before of the foyer that we took last summer before we did the majority of the crown molding.

We finally decided on this color and then Steve and our neighbor Ryan put up the last of the crown molding. We got the armoire from craigslist a few months ago. It is nice fit because it is giant and helps fill the room that largely goes unused. All we need to do now is get a rug.

Here is an after for the kitchen, see previous color below. The grayish blue really helps to brighten up the room. I am not a fan of earth tones and have wanted to paint this since we moved in, but inertia and other projects set in. Finally we couldn't take all the water stains on the walls since it was painted in a flat finish (yes, in a kitchen).

Before color of the kitchen and the family room.

After pic and I finally put up this artwork.

The family room was probably the most work because there was so much patching to be done. There were a ton of cracks, big and small, in the walls. I am happy not to have to look at them every day. We painted the room a light gray, as you can see. Wait, is this an earth tone? I like to think of it as a neutral. Anyways, it brightens up the room and seems to compliment the blue from the kitchen. Now the carpet looks mismatched, but it isn't the greatest quality to begin with so perhaps we will replace it sooner rather than later.

Another shot of the room.

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laehmc said...

love the colors ..any blues and calming and cozy.