Monday, February 13, 2012

We went to the Minnesota History Center on Saturday. We left early to avoid the crowds of the big 1968 exhibit. It was fun to see all the old memorabilia, but even 45 minutes after opening the exhibit was packed and not the condusive for a toddler that wants to walk around.

Apollo 8 moon orbit viewing 44 years later. Side note: Harriet has been very excited to "find" the moon before bedtime. Funny thing is we can't "find" it half the time from any of our bedroom windows.

The museum isn't very large. But they have a lot of information crammed into the space and a few different sections. Climbing in the grain elevator exhibit was definetly a highlight for Harriet.

Harriet loves old candy (in focus or not it was pretty cute).

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Laura said...

I hope the candies weren't from 1968?! Such good parents you are educating the wee one on her heritage. kudos.