Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our good friend Megan got married to Dean on Saturday. Our neighbors babysat so we were able to enjoy the festivities in their entirety. We had a wonderful time catching up with friends and meeting new people. The ceremony and reception were held at Jax Cafe in NE Minneapolis. My food was really delicious and the dance floor was fun. A great night of celebrating with friends.

Lots of dancing and a wonderful wedding!

Monday, February 13, 2012

We went to the Minnesota History Center on Saturday. We left early to avoid the crowds of the big 1968 exhibit. It was fun to see all the old memorabilia, but even 45 minutes after opening the exhibit was packed and not the condusive for a toddler that wants to walk around.

Apollo 8 moon orbit viewing 44 years later. Side note: Harriet has been very excited to "find" the moon before bedtime. Funny thing is we can't "find" it half the time from any of our bedroom windows.

The museum isn't very large. But they have a lot of information crammed into the space and a few different sections. Climbing in the grain elevator exhibit was definetly a highlight for Harriet.

Harriet loves old candy (in focus or not it was pretty cute).

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adding a bit of color

In the last few weeks we have painted 3 rooms (pictures to come) and finished up a bunch of projects that we have been intending to do for a while. This was one of them and I'm not really sure what to call them.. shelf slides? Sliders, I will just call them that. They are tongue and groove and can also got on the ends or the middle of the shelf. When I painted this buffet a few years ago, I never got around to doing the sliders.

It only took me four years, but last weekend I painted them the same color as the rest of the buffet. But it seemed kind of boring so I got an idea to do fabric covers and insert them over the wainscoting recessed part. I cut up a sun chips box from costco (they are coated cardboard and are nice and sturdy) and then covered them with the same fabric as one of the pillows, which was originally from Harriet's 6 month picture. I made them to fit in the openings of the sliders perfectly so I didn't have to glue them in and could switch them out with different fabric when I want a change.

Before, a bit of a cluttered eyesore.

An after: decluttered and colorful. Also I painted our little ikea drawer thing with some sample paints we had left over from the room painting. Considering how much time we spend in the family room looking at this thing, it's a welcome change.

So this weekend we painted the family room a light gray and now the creme color of this thing looks odd. Now I want to repaint the whole thing white (insert sad trombone). Maybe in the spring...

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Vintage Panda

Harriet loved her panda outfit, just like I did, I'm sure. No vintage pics though. She is also obsessed with that vintage back scratcher. I have already glued it together once and I'm sure it won't be the last time. At almost 19 months, Harriet is at a very silly age. She is very opinionated about likes and dislikes, is talking a lot, still only has 4 teeth and is running around like crazy. Silly times.

Also she now anticipates the camera flash so virtually every picture looks like this:

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

link of the month

I've been trying to utulize my iphone's camera more. Once I have enough cool shots I post some along with the apps I like. I have been using the site iPhoneography for help.