Monday, December 31, 2012

End of year doings

Cleaning up my iPhone I realized I had some worthwhile photos to share from the end of 2012.

I took a quick day trip to New Ulm, MN in early November. While there my friend Ian and I ate some homemade German food, toured to Schell's Brewery and met a teen in a Burger King parking lot to buy an AT-AT and Millenium Falcon. Your typical Saturday afternoon.

The brewery tour was pretty fast. It's the second oldest family-owned brewery in the US. They have peacocks roaming the grounds too.

On the way home we stopped at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. They also carry pork products, pies, apples, and the entire ceiling was covered in puzzles to buy.

When I was in high school I was lucky enough to see The Who play the album Quadrophenia. I couldn't help myself and went to see them do it again at the Target Center on 11/27. Pete and Roger still rock. After the show we watched some local musicians play the album The Who by numbers at 7th Street.

Harriet was very excited to put on her boots when it got cold in November. In early December we got a solid foot of snow and she got the chance to shovel for the first time. Such a little helper.

In mid-December I went down to Chicago to see some friends. Lots of food and sports.
Bulls vs. Nets at the United Center.

Packers vs. Bears at Soldier Field.

Burgers, Pizza, BBQ, and Hot Doug's (above).

On the first night of Hanukah we went to the Holidazzle parade downtown. Christina was marching so Harriet and I had dinner together, got some chocolates, then cozzied up in a heated tent to watch. Christina was in the very first group to walk past.

The following weekend all three of us went back to the Holidazzle to ride on the Twinkle Bus. Basically a city bus wrapped in LED lights and blasting holiday tunes.

Harriet loved it!

She was waving for the entire 30-minute ride down Nicollet Mall.

If you ever thought about doing a similar set up on your own ride, this is what the electrical in the back of the bus looked like. Per Christina's info, the Twinkle Bus is decorated with more than 23,000 LED lights, which consume a fraction of the power used by lights in the original Twinkle Bus. After the parade season, the metal frames that hold the lights in place and equipment inside the bus will be removed, and the bus will be returned to service.

Happy New Year! 

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