Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ink Link

After taking a letterpress class at the MN center for a book arts a few years ago, I have loved letterpress. On Friday, my coworker friends Leah and Allie and I went to this letterpress event at the U of M. It was sponsored by the Hamilton woodtype museum in hopes to pique everyone's interest enough for them to make the 6 hour drive to check it out. The museum is a building that is 2 city blocks long. My interest is piqued, looked awesome. The event was also put on by the graphic design program to show students, graduates and friends the newly acquired presses and also just to mingle, I guess.

They had everything all set up for everyone to reduce chaos since there were probably 100 people there in two small rooms.

Here is the press all set up, inked and ready to go for the boxing image, which is below on the left. Then the guy put the paper down and I cranked the press. Not a lot of skill or creativity needed on my part, but still fun. Other presses you could do all different color inks yourself.

A few of the things I made above and below. Some are letterpress and some are screenprinting.

Juxtaposed presses.

Some rejects that were provided by the wood type museum. I took a few and will find something to do with them.

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