Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! Best of the worst pictures, not sure how many more of these we can do.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Here are a few things that I have made lately. This summer was a bit unproductive craft-wise, but colder days and more indoor time is upon us. The necklace on right was inspired by african necklaces, with their many stands and bright colors. As for the one on the left, I got the pendant at the Detriot Lakes flea market (my only purchase this year) and had to work hard for it. I picked through many small bags of jewelry to find this. I like how giant it is and also the bold yellow and black. The lady claimed it was sterling silver and I had a good laugh at that.

I have knit countless hats for countless babies, but none for Harriet. So here it is, her first homemade hat from me. The first of many, I'm sure. It's an eggplant, although at this angle it looks a bit like a grape.

Here are some new pillows for the family room (although I didn't make the striped one, it's from Ikea). We have had the same two ugly pillows on this couch for years and it was time to recover them and add some new ones. All have zippers for easy cleaning. It's a very informal room so I didn't really worry about matching them too closely. They have mostly been used for making forts lately.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ink Link

After taking a letterpress class at the MN center for a book arts a few years ago, I have loved letterpress. On Friday, my coworker friends Leah and Allie and I went to this letterpress event at the U of M. It was sponsored by the Hamilton woodtype museum in hopes to pique everyone's interest enough for them to make the 6 hour drive to check it out. The museum is a building that is 2 city blocks long. My interest is piqued, looked awesome. The event was also put on by the graphic design program to show students, graduates and friends the newly acquired presses and also just to mingle, I guess.

They had everything all set up for everyone to reduce chaos since there were probably 100 people there in two small rooms.

Here is the press all set up, inked and ready to go for the boxing image, which is below on the left. Then the guy put the paper down and I cranked the press. Not a lot of skill or creativity needed on my part, but still fun. Other presses you could do all different color inks yourself.

A few of the things I made above and below. Some are letterpress and some are screenprinting.

Juxtaposed presses.

Some rejects that were provided by the wood type museum. I took a few and will find something to do with them.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Garden wrap up

Picture above is from our neighbor to the north's side of the fence. She has this beautiful trees with interesting circular leaves. They looked better than ever this year, perhaps due to the removal of the giant hackberry tree last fall.

Well a fairly good growing year again this year. We still have a bunch of tomatoes that are ripening, although most end up all pruney and unappealing looking so we have been feeding them to the chickens. Our gazillion tomato plants really came through, despite other gardeners having a bad year. We planted way too many grape and cherry tomato plants, but it worked out ok. Lots of salads.

We had good luck with the carrots. I forgot to take pictures, but they were all different colors and pretty. I chopped them up and put them in the oven with a little dried thyme and olive oil and they were quite good. Harriet loved them.

The basil plants worked out well as they have in the past. This year though Steve read the recipe and it said that I needed to freeze the basil and olive oil and then when we are ready to eat the pesto that's when I mixed up the nuts and cheese. I always wondered why it had a strange consistency. That'll teach me to read the directions... well actually probably not.

Despite the rabbits nibbling off branches from the honey crisp tree over the winter because of the high snow, there were tons of apples from the tree's second year. I love that tree.

Peas-- total fail. Numerous variables, so no idea what went wrong. Won't do those again.

We got a lot of hops, although I think I picked them too late. I gave them to one of my coworkers so I guess we will wait to hear if anything happened with them.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween update 14 days late

I know, I know, no one cares about halloween anymore in mid November, but I'll post these anyways. Above Lauren, Lachlan and Harriet at the Wattson's annual pumpkin party.

Hide and go seek with the giant pumpkin at the zoo.

Mr and Mrs Skeletor.

Just when we thought we would have to carry on our pumpkin carving tradition without Jonny who was away at college... he returns to keep up the (10 year?) streak. It was great to have him home.

A happy chicken at the zoo.