Monday, October 10, 2011

The new Mr and Mrs Laughlin
Jon and Lauren had a great ceremony and reception at a Chicago production studio. They adapted the blank white studio space to reflect their fun style just like their wedding materials. The previous weekend we had a chance to get breakfast and spend some time with them while they still had wedding plans to iron out. It was wonderful to see them so happy and relaxed at their wedding a week later.

Did I say relaxed? Ha. It was a fun wedding reception complete with stations of different food that allowed for lots of mingling with the guests. Jon made sure some solid beers choices were available, and the night ended with sliders and mini Chicago hot dogs. I knew several folks from high school and a good group of Jon's Chicago mates as I attended his bachelor party back in August.

My friend Chris's daughter Sophia and Harriet had a chance to meet earlier in the day before our final wedding. They were nice enough to stand still for a moment for this snapshot. During the wedding, our friend Emily stayed with Harriet at our hotel. We really appreciated it.

This is a photo I took on the way from Minneapolis to Chicago. If Harriet had known we weren't going to be returning home for a week, she probably wouldn't be smiling. We're very appreciative to all the friends and family that helped us make the trip possible. Christina and I are happy we could take part in two great wedding celebrations. We're all overjoyed to be home!

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laughjon said...

Glad you had fun. Everything worked out perfectly. Your visit the week before included.