Friday, August 05, 2011

(A little past) Mid-summer update

The summer heat has slowed us down in the garden a bit lately, but here's what's been going on. Tomatoes galore. I think our 11 plants might have been too much, particularly the planting of multiple grape/cherry tomato plants that had the word 'million' in their variety name. Not to worry, we will eat them.

Pepper time. This is more Steve's domain, but we have a lot of peppers for salsa and pizza, which are about ready to pick. Some are the kind that look like jalapeno peppers, but actually aren't. Good for party tricks I guess.

Carrots! My short suit in veggie gardening is that I never have any idea when the optimal time to pick things is. I know I could count the days since the seeds germinated, but who has time for that. I always seem to pick things too late or too early. So, these look ready to pick soon (right?!?!).

Surprise! A zucchini or squash plant popped up in the flower garden. Just decided to go with it. Must have come from seeds from our compost-- seems like a logical explanation.

We have been talking about a water feature for a while. We debated making our own, but really we didn't want to rip out part of the garden to dig a hole for the water basin, blah blah blah, so this just seemed easier. It has a simple design and will aid in attracting birds to our backyard urban wildlife sanctuary. Ideally, I guess.

New addition to the front-- much needed gutters and also a rain chain. We decided to have a company put up the gutters after many annoying encounters with them at our old house. Now we can hold someone else accountable if they don't work properly. The rain chain works well and we are pretty excited about it. Just hoping the neighborhood metal scrappers aren't as excited about it too.

Chickens are getting bigger, but still no eggs and also nameless. They should start laying any day we keep telling ourselves.

Well you win some, you lose some. In this case- lose. We transplanted these raspberry plants from my dad's neighbor's garden. I didn't have high hopes since he ripped them out on a super hot day. Good thing my expectations were low. The raspberries we planted last year are still alive (see that smudge of green behind the brown stalks?), but I wouldn't say they are thriving.

I will leave you with this. A little slice of summer goodness.

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Laura said...

Your garden looks wonderful! I need your help with tomatoes....mine are quickly dying. :( I don't think I'll plant from seed again. Enjoy some tomatoes & peppers for us!