Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blue ribbon beauty

Tonight we went and picked up our final member of the flock. We named her Persephone. She is a bantam Mille Fleur and is really a stunner. She recently showed and placed at the Dakota County Fair, but they weren't going to take her to the state fair.

We have been patiently looking for this breed all spring and summer so we were happy to find her on craig's list. We drove out to Rosemount to get her and it happened to be a few miles from the zoo, so we stopped there beforehand. We really packed it all in.

It's hard to tell her size from this picture, but compared to the other hens she is about 1/3 their size. Also hard to see are her feathery legs. More pictures to come.


Sarah said...

Love the name! I am looking forward to naming a dog "Methuselah" after a giant tree when we get one some day (but don't steal my name)! Thanks for the spoons. They are in use. Hope you guys are doing well. We have a CRAZY September with my sister getting married but then we should talk about getting together again.

laehmc said...

love the photo's....what will her eggs look like.

laehmc said...

what a beauty!!