Friday, July 01, 2011

Our 'daughter' gets married

Well our 'daughter' Molly is all grown up, on her own and married. As many of you may remember Molly living with us 2 summers ago, during which time, Steve helped facilitate meeting Adam and the rest is history. We're proud parents. We would joke that we were her parents since it was kind of silly having a roommate once you're a married couple. Molly and Adam now live in Seattle and got married in Mexico in May and last weekend they had a wedding reception in La Crosse (no we were not on the hook for the bill ;). Conveniently we stayed with our friends the Smiths and it was great to see them for a second time in six months.

Photobooth. Harriet found a rice picking hat to match her Asian attire. We went more regal.

Happy 'sisters'.

Before coming home, on Sarah's recommendation, we went to pick some strawberries. The fields were hot (where is that rice picking hat when you need it, oh wait, back at the photobooth).

Everyone got in on the action. All hands on deck for this endeavor.

Harriet gleefully poses with the strawberry haul.

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Sarah said...

Glad you got some strawberries. What did you do with them? We really enjoyed your visit. Thanks for coming and treating us to breakfast. Hope next week isn't too crazy!