Saturday, July 09, 2011

Hello, Goodbye

Last weekend we drove up to Milica (an hour and a half north of Mpls) for two chickens. We really wanted one of them, the light Bramha, who had feathered feet and is a more uncommon breed. We also just got a barred rock just because we needed a 5th chicken and we knew we liked the breed.

So after a 3 hour round trip we get the birds home and the light bramha is acting weird. She was fine when she was put into the box, but now she can't stand up. We instantly look at each other and are like, she's totally going to die. We do everything we can. With the assistance of our neighbor Bryce, the three of us feed her water from an eyedropper because we worried she might be dehydrated since it is hot out. We quarantine her so that the other birds won't pick on her since she is new. We really hoped for the best, but feared for the worst. The next morning-- dead. She was only $10, but now we only have a breed that we already have that we basically paid $20 for and spend a lot of time going to get. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes. We will just wait and get a beauty at the state fair this year. We want one cute chicken.

In short, light brahma, we hardly knew you.

Here's the barred rock. Meh.

Also, some of you have asked what we have decided to name the new chickens. The answer: nothing, yet. We are undecided about naming them since it is then weird when we go to kill them in 4 years and they have names. I'm sure we will eventually name them though and when we do it will be after greek goddesses.

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elissa said...

bury her in the tomb of the unknown chicken