Monday, June 27, 2011

Harriet goes to Hollywood

Weekend before last we went to L.A. for Minnette's 95th birthday. It was Harriet's first plane ride and it was a long 3 hours. We stayed with our dear friends Jimmy and Loey, Minnette's younger sister, and we greatly appreciate their hospitality, as usual.

The party was Saturday and Minnette was dressed in her finest for the event. Does this outfit look familiar to anyone? The party unfortunately ended on a sad note with Minnette having to go to the hospital due to difficulty breathing. She is home now though and doing better.

Kiara Minnette and Harriet Minnette, Minnette's great granddaughter and honorary great granddaughter, respectively. They were born a week apart.

someone's got an attitude.

We went to the Los Angeles Arboretum. There were peacocks everywhere. We went in hopes of seeing this, but it had just been taken down a week before, to our dismay.

We went over to the Pasadena Chalk Festival and saw hundreds of chalk art in vibrant colors. Most were pretty good.

Pajama time with Grandpa.

Harriet with Loey and Jimmy.


Laura said...

That pic of Harriet squishing her little face is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen! Do you think she'll have those cheeks forever!?!? I hope so!

Robin said...

Thanks for posting those photos. They are the only ones I have seen from the party. Minnette looks good in them. And yes, I recognize the outfit, for sure. I love the one with Harriet and my folks. What a good baby!

Sarah said...

Great photos. Loved Harriet's outfit. Glad you got to go out even if it was a LONG flight!