Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Front yard hardscaping/landscaping

Our front steps were falling apart. We had to continually spray paint them black to hide the chipping and cracking. The rise of each step varied from 6-10". The railings were super cheap and unstable.

Old front yard, sans stairs.

We hired the landscaper that helped in our backyard. He had his concrete guy demolish the stairs and prepare the above form in preparation of the concrete truck. We opted for much bigger stairs.

Once the stairs were complete we had some of the sidewalk removed to make way for a paver walkway (to match the backyard). Then we spent several nights gardening. When Harriet would go to bed at 8:30 we'd go outside to remove old plants, rake the old garden beds, remove grass to enlarge the garden area in general.

The existing plants only covered so much area so we bought a few and Christina contacted her family friends Mary and Malcolm about splitting some of their hostas. Boy did we luck out! Mary and Malcolm had a beautiful garden with more hostas and more shade loving plants than they knew what to do with. We would have ended up taking even more had we not filled the trunk and back seat of the car with plants. Above are some of the gifts.

We don't have a great before picture of the front garden, but it was kind of a sad mess. It was transplants waiting for their next home and weeds. We hadn't really touched it since we moved in. So, we saved what we could.

Finished garden. Complete with pavers as edging and blue stone steppers to be sure the mailman still had a dependable route between yards.

Finished product with fresh sod installed in the old gardens along each side of the entry walkway.

Another after.

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love it..you know how much i love hostas!