Sunday, May 22, 2011

Royal Facelift

We have been busy working on our living and dining rooms. We have wanted to do this ever since we moved in, but finally got around it. We painted the walls and put up crown molding. We still have the foyer to complete, but hopefully we will get around to it in the next month or so.

This picture is to illustrate that the new color is in fact different than the original. Kind of hard to tell in the pictures. The color of the rooms was a khaki that is the same color that was in every room of the house when we bought it. We are slowly repainting every room. After we painted the living and dining rooms, we painted the already primed poplar with a white that was color matched to the other trim. After painting half of it we realized they had mistakenly mixed it with a pinkish tint to it, so we had to return it and and have them remix it. Second time was the charm. We put up both crown molding and also a baseboard molding upside down so it had a 2 inch reveal on the bottom for more impact.

Steve and our friend and neighbor Ryan put up all the crown one Saturday. Ryan has a lot of experience with home improvement stuff so he was a big help. We weren't able to order extra molding so no mistakes could be made. Steve and Ryan made this little mistake on the first piece they put up, luckily we have enough extra since it isn't that big of a patch. They put the molding too close to the wall and then had to saw it off. It still needs to be fixed. They did a great job.

This is a before/after of a strange corner in the dining room (click to enlarge). It houses the HVAC system that was put in after the radiators were taken out. The former owners put popcorn on the bottoms of the 'boxes' so I scraped it off and then just painted it. The crown molding around the boxes was a bit tricky, but looks nice considering how odd they are.

Living room before

After. Kind of hard to see the crown molding from these pictures now that the walls are a lighter shade. We finally finished the room and bought curtains for the room, plus bought a new leaded glass light fixture, which I love.

Dining room before.

Dining room after. Doesn't look all that different besides the molding. Eventually we will replace the light fixture when we find the right one. We are slowing getting rid of all the ones that were in the house when we bought it.


Ryan said...

On the interwebs, I am known as "Robot Reggie". Make it so.

Becca said...

So lovely! And the leaded light fixture is gorgeous...where did you find it?

Sarah said...

Looks like you've been busy-as always!!