Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby's new play room

Several months before Harriet was born we cleaned out most of my father-in-law's basement. We started with the room just off where we built his wine cellar. It got a fresh coat of paint, a giant carpet remnant and IKEA wood shelving for storage (we forgot to take before and after pictures). Then we painted the laundry area and a back closet. At this point we tackled the big room that is basically a rec room. If there was an egress window it could be a bedroom, but we decided to not get too ambitious.

Here it is after we took down the old drop ceiling and florescent light, installed recessed lighting and framed around the radiators pipes. All ready for our sheet rock crew to hang the drywall we purchased.

They did a great job finishing off the new ceiling. Once it was taped and sanded smooth we continued.

We painted the ceiling and walls, then tore out the old carpet.

We also took out the old carpet on the stairs leading to the basement. The carpet we picked ran down the stairs, where we added one shelving unit and more recessed lighting for an easily accessible pantry, then into the rec room (to the right). So about a year later, it's finished.


laehmc said...

he's very lucky not only have your support but have harriet so near.

Gin said...

that looks insane!!! i remember that basement from high awesome way to go guys!

Carla said...

nice work! i remember seeing his basement last year when i picked up that edger. looks great!