Thursday, March 10, 2011

Needle Felting

Last night Kristen and I took a needle felting class at the Textile Center. It was our first time taking a class here and we will definitely take another. I didn't know much about needle felting before we took the class, but it is very easy and it requires few supplies. Also it continues to fuel my love of felt. One small drawback is that I will most likely end up in urgent care since the likelihood of stabbing myself is fairly high.

I made this Scandinavian dala horse in a matter of about an hour. I think I might sew it into a little christmas ornament. Pretty sure my fellow daughters of Norway will be jealous.

Our first project was a bird. You can see the foam underneath that you stab the needles into in order to adhere the felt roving to your fabric. Now anytime I see a bird on craft projects I think of this from Portlandia.

Here's what the underside of the project looks like. You can see the pricks of where the needle went through and a bit of the felt, which is how the design is held in place.

Here's what the felt roving looks like before you apply it to your design. Apparently you can use many different things besides roving like yarn, alpaca fur and dog hair — which just seems gross. The instructor made some really amazing things that basically looked like watercolors. She did a lot of animal portraits for people. Very impressive.

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