Sunday, March 27, 2011

Firkin Fest

I joined my friends Matt, Stacy, and Ian at St. Paul's Happy Gnome for their Firkin Fest yesterday. We paid $35 for unlimited samples of beer from over 80 firkens. A firken is 1/4 barrel of beer.

There was a line around the block to gain access when general admission opened at 1. VIP folks came an hour early. I thought paying an extra $10 for a VIP ticket was dumb. But I noticed several beers were out before 2PM and the crowd swelled big time after we got into the tent. So perhaps it was a good call.

Here is a good review I just read of the event. I decided to tweet my entire time there. Here is a list of the 21 beers I tried via my twitter feed:
1st beer @ Firkin Fest: Surly abrasive
Lift Bridge di's nuts
Flat Earth grand design > smells like smores!
Odell red ale
Big Sky lyndale brown > stingey pour
Furthermore fatty boombalatty!
Avery joe's premium pilsner getting crowed in here
By far the slowest moving line here... food line! > Brisket sandwich and onion rings.
Crispin desert noir
Victory headwaters pa
SUMMIT gold sovereign ale
New Belgium super cru
Fulton sweet child of vine > oh, oh oh. Sweet child of vine.
Great Divide bitter and twisted
Tallgrass buffalo sex sweet chocolate and cherries > Guy had to tip the firkin to serve me.
Left Hand good juju > they already ran out of the milk stout. Tear.
Lagunitas the hairy eyeball > just as I imagined it would taste.
Pee break. TMI > Portable trough!
Dark Horse oatmeal IPA
Boulder planet porter
Two Brothers northwind imperial stout
Brau Brothers sumatran moojoos oatmeal milk stout.
Rogue amber ale


laehmc said...

wow...that's lot's of marinade tasting! ha ha..signed your non-beer drinking mom

Grace said...

Would you recommend going? We thought about it, but for me it's kind of like a buffet.... you have to try everything so you don't enjoy it as much.